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Tom Carey

At 36 years of age, Tom is already a veteran of surf photography. His work has graced the covers of over 50 magazines world wide for the past 15 years. He was the most published photographer in the USA, multiple years according to the Transworld Business Exposure meter. Tom has also been the staff photographer for Volcom for over a decade, where he continues to work today. After working for Transworld Surf, Surfing Magazine and Stab Magazine, Tom is now a Senior Photographer for Surfer Magazine, the bible of our sport. Always pushing the boundaries of surf photography, Tom was the innovator of the off camera flash work you can see in his galleries. Tom currently resides in Costa Mesa, CA with his lovely wife KC and legendary pup Woody.

Mario Congreve

Mario Congreve is an Emmy Award winning director of photography of numerous documentaries and educational programs. Born in Chile, Mario studied as a Fulbright Scholar at the School of Cinema and Photography at Southern Illinois University.  He achieved Academy Award consideration in 2005 for the short documentary film Victims of Another War: The Aftermath of Parental Alienation. He has filmed in over 35 countries and has worked on various documentaries for PBS and The History Channel, most recently, Sarah Cecilie, Bobby Slick Leonard: Heart of a Hoosier, Greetings from Fire Island, and Cuba: A Lifetime of Passion. His Emmy Award winning documentary Cuba: The Forgotten Revolution is currently airing on PBS and Netflix. Mario has worked as a staff producer at CSUDH for over 30 years and has also taught video production courses at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles.

Craig Kozlowski

Craig  grew up surfing in Santa Monica and his father was apart of the Muscle Beach era.  With hard work and dedication Craig became apart of the original group of competitive surfers to travel and compete world wide.  Through surfing Craig has established many relationships from the surfers at his local break to the legendary Emmy winning camera operator Dan Merkel. 

Chad Wells

Chad Wells is an Orange County native who has been working for clothing brand Quiksilver surfing with the Surf Program for 13yrs. Wells has worked with 11 time world champion Kelly Slater and new global upstart Kanoa Igarashi. He 1st picked up a camera in 2012 after a knee injury kept him out of the water and immediately fell in love with photography. Wells surfs everyday and is in constant contact with Quiksilvers top talents.

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