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           In The Water; Behind The Lens is a film about surf photographers who shoot from the water and the dangers and challenges they face to get the shot published in surf magazines throughout the world.  As a water photographer myself, I soon realized that most people do not have any idea how water photographers get the shot of the surfer inside the barrel. The most common questions I would hear are, “were you on a board” or “are you on a boat?” I would simply explain to them all I have is just my camera and a pair of swim fins and this response would lead to more questions. Most people are not aware of the dangers that water photographers face, which can range from drowning, being hit by a surfboard, or being attacked by a shark. My goal is to tell the story of water photographers around the world from Canada to Tahiti and show the passion of each photographer and the different challenges they face to reach the ultimate goal. Every photographer's dream is to have his or her images grace the pages or even better the cover of Surf Magazines.

Empty Wave
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